Scene: the feeling of extreme urgency, lying on the ground while a building is crumbling down upon you. Your friend closes the lid of the egg shaped casket above you. You close your eyes and take in a deep relaxing breath, letting go of the memories around you, you travel inwards within your mind. Strange twists open up in front of your mind’s scape – each time it is different, unpredictable; the trick is knowing in which direction to go. Finally you ground yourself within this new place that you’ve gone to. And in a split of a second you remember where to go and how to operate within this new logic. You hear a bang on this egg carton like coffin, you were trained to open it whenever you hear a bang. You snap out of it, being extremely confused on your whereabouts and time. You snap open the lid – you’re located in a totally new place. Your ‘friend’/teacher is standing next to you.