Convincing oneself, and then it’s too late

>There needs to be constant conflict. For if peace presides for too long,
generations will forget what it was like during the war, they will forget
that terror is needed for the control of the people. For if we don’t do it,
there will be chaos – we are an extremely important link in this chain my
>> Are you serious? What’s so bad about people breaking apart and forming
their own groups dedicated to science and the betterment of us all?
> That simply cannot work – people who unite together will be exploited by
the other evil forces. Don’t you understand? We’re essential, we’re the
barrier that stops the greater evil.
>> But that still makes us lesser evil.
> Yes, unfortunately yes. I cannot claim that we’re doing the purest thing
– but as I said, it is essential.
>> Listen, don’t take that tone like you’ve convinced me. I still think
that what you’re saying is only a hypothetical idea – How can you be so
sure that the people don’t rally up in the future?
> We’re barbarians my son – we’re all savages, animals. We are so
susceptible to inhumane acts, it is within us all – it can’t be helped, there needs to be control.
>> I still believe that there can be a pacifistic way out.

Convincing oneself, and then it’s too late

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