Marine Botanical Research

I can hear my own heartbeat while I walk on solid baby blue ice. It is extremely calm, there is no wind, there is no sound except for crackling of ever moving ice underneath me. Glossy ground, from the sun that doesn’t set. The creatures here are different, huge, ever so slowly moving tubs of fat. Elephants with long, thick hair. Cats covered in wool. The creatures underneath us talk in high pitched sounds, electromagnetic in nature, sonar. When you close your eyes, it sounds like a war. We have escaped the depths, for we could not take it, the extreme constant danger was too much to take it for our strand of bacteria, so that means, that the most toughest creatures have evolved under ice. The behemoths which rank in heroic proportions

We dove, slowly falling down, like through viscous liquid air, into true darkness, space that has no stars. I am greeted by plants that no one has ever seen, I get to put a name to them, allowing others to expand upon the discovery. There are creatures that could squish you in couple of minutes, not all huge creatures are hostile, some are slow, some are extremely fast and cunning. Slick thin worms sliding through freezing water, unable to penetrate the exoshell of the huge monster, they wait, for generations, slowly growing in power.

Beautiful nebulas floated by me, with brain exposed i could see explosions of colors within this processing structure – a milky way in nature.

Marine Botanical Research

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