The Most Epic Story

Scene: The Most Epic Story is about human creation, of their own selves and the things they’ve built; from the time of being single-celled organisms, the struggle to survive and evolve. Each ‘leap’ in evolution could be categorized, evolving in the spawn pool, achieving sensory, coming on land. Each of those could be looked as ‘steps’ in our progression; analyzing from a far, those steps would be in the range of millions. After the man settles in and no longer thinks about protecting himself and his family, the thoughts start to be directed outwards, towards the stars and space; creating shelled flying bodies; as teenagers, we start to leave our home seeking the wonders and new mysteries. We start noticing the fusion of tech within ourselves and our environment; manifestations of operating systems in bodies with high sensory perceptions. We leave the word to them. Fully understanding that time is a circle by looking at it from the 4th dimension, we strive to ‘ascend’, leaving the whole universe behind. Constant story arcs of war and love plague every step of the way. As the mother flips a page in the book, saying that it’s time for bed, the child feebly argues but realizes that tomorrow there’s more story to come.

The Most Epic Story

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