Lizard; Anim, Rigged Game Chr

Word ^,

Still a WIP, Been working on this little guy after work.

Concept of the Lizard, by the talented Tan ZhiHui
The environment is, UE4’s modified ‘Elemental Demo’

Currently I’m on my first Animation / Texture pass.

Gif (Problems)

– Shot the anim. sequence as a 30fps, has to use to inc. the speed by 400%; but then there comes a breaking point, when you have too many frames for it to work. What I had to do was re-record with 15fps and up the speed using

Ultimately, quality wise I wish to get something crisp such as:

(This was just one of the Stress Tests)


My goal was to sum up the knowledge I’ve learned for the past year and a half working with extremely talented Adam AC; To create a simple Animatable Character with an easy rig system and place him into an engine.

Rigging can be intimidating, hopefuly I can create a short tutorial later on showing how to put together this little guy.

I’ve been thinking of the best ways of presenting the Asset with the ability of getting a thorough critique. Currently SketchFab offerse the most options.

This is just a T-Pose, with first pass textures on him. Later, I want to take 3d Coat for a spin.

Animation (Problems)

– Because I tried a slightly different approach to rigging the character (using primitives); the actual controls are still displayed, and currently there’s no way of switching them off in SketchFab;

– On my Home computer I get “Model is too heavy for your device and can not be rendered properly”;
I learned that CPU renders bones/anim; GPU skins the mesh — so the inability to display the mesh, is probably because I have too many bones for SketchFab to handle (over 70).

– I was going for semi-game animation loops, not too long, not too short and they all have to tie in with out another by the Idle anim (which isn’t included yet). Currently there are too many keys which I’ll have to clean up in the Polish pass.

First Pass on the Walk Anim

First Pass on the Run Anim

First Pass on the Jump Anim

First Pass on the Attack Anim

Things I haven’t managed to solve (list for myself)

– Eyes
– Making high quality SSS mtrl in UE4

* Update#1: Managed to figure out how to get rig of the skeleton rig/controls from showing up in SketchFab; In the Materials Tab, I got two roll outs: “RootNode” and “StandardMaterial”; switching over to ‘RootNode’, one can, in “Transparency” roll out inc. is to 100%, thus making the Controllers/Bones transparent. 
Lizard; Anim, Rigged Game Chr